Benefits of the Club

Tech Resources

Restoration, maintenance tips, parts compendiums, how-to workshops and clinic are all available to PNMOC members. For example we publish a guide to determine the classification a Met will fall into based on its condition:

  1. EXCELLENT: Restored to professional standard in every area or original with all components as new.
  2. FINE: Well restored; excellent original or extremely well-maintained original showing minimal wear.
  3. VERY GOOD: Completely operable original or older restoration showing wear or amateur restoration.
  4. GOOD: A drivable Met or deteriorated restoration. Components need restoration but are usable.
  5. RESTORABLE: Needs complete restoration. Not drivable but not wrecked or stripped.
  6. PARTS CAR: Not restorable.

Member Publications

  • PNMOC publishes a monthly newsletter chock full of valuable information, opportunities to join up with other members and fun stories of the Met on the road. In addition, your membership to the National Association MOCNA includes the nation publication delivered to you monthly with even more exciting news about our favorite car, the Metropolitan!
    2010 Interchangeable Parts Compendium
    Metro Media, Volume 43, Issue 5


  • The PNMOC Chapter is very active and on the road at every opportunity. Regional, national, locally sponsored or just plain fun in the sun-there are many events to attend throughout the year. Where many car clubs are visible during the warmer months only, the PNMOC chapter is out year-round! Have you been to the Macy’s Parade after Thanksgiving recently or The Christmas Parade in Enumclaw — we are there!