Pacific Northwest Metropolitan Owners Club Membership

The Metropolitan Owners Club of North America (MOCNA) was formed in February 1975. Its purpose: To promote interest in, the preservation of, and the restoration of the Metropolitan Automobile. The local Pacific Northwest Chapter (PNMOC) was formed in February 1979 by Gene Mitchell and Charlotte Valbert of Tacoma, WA. PNMOC has grown to become one of the most active car clubs in the Northwest with well over one hundred active memberships. You have probably seen us lined up and cruising down the road on our way to a British Columbia weekend or Ocean Shores, WA gathering; or maybe we were on our way to one of the many local parades we participate in each year.

Our local chapter holds membership meetings at the Federal Way Senior Center the first Sunday of each month. We also publish a newsletter which contains restoration tips, reports on chapter activities, a classified ad section, parts sources and other features. This newsletter is sent by e-mail or postal mail each month to chapter members. Several of our members are very familiar with the Met and are always ready with advice.

Keeping a Met running and in good, dependable condition can be a problem. Availability of parts is limited, but they are still obtainable if you know where to look - We can help! Members receive an Interchangeable Parts Compendium filled with information on where to find parts, what parts from other kinds of cars will fit a Met, and some of the history of the Metropolitan. We even have a couple of technical advisors to discuss vexing problems with you!

If you are interested in joining us you must join the National Club (MOCNA) along with our local chapter. Membership applications are available online for download on the website.