Early Bird Swap Meet 2017

February 18th, 2017 by Pamela "Pam" Bowe in category: Event Galleries
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Thank you to all of the members who made our double booth in the Sleep Train Expo Hall great! Dale Carrington and I met Rocky Feller at my place at 4:00 and went into the Fairgrounds with no waiting. We set up and scooted out with just a one hour turn-around! It was great!

Mike Rossi, Keith Mayfarth, Don and Cheryl
Coddington, Mike Jernigan, Scott and Lilia Maziar, Mark Hominda, Ed and Kathy O'Malley, Jeff and Jan Rich, Ed and Harriet Miller, Paul Gobat and Reuben Hominda did a great job representing our club. My valve cover made into a Hot Wheels racetrack confused more than a few people, so Dale brought a real valve cover racer for people to see. We made new friends, have three people thinking about coming to the next meeting, and got to meet club member Chuck Wolf.

When it came time to leave, Reuben, Sandy, and Mark Hominda, Paul Gobat,
and Dale packed up our booth while I waited in line to pay for next year’s booths. No better spots opened up, so we will be in the same great location we had this year and are all set to go for Early Bird 2018!

After Dale and Rocky got the car ready to roll and out the door, Paul and Dale took Dale’s things and the helpful scouts from a local troop took the table, chairs and my boxes out to my truck. Out in a half hour! Next year, I will pre-pay for passes for the first shift volunteers each day so that they do not need to wait in line. If anyone has other suggestions for next year, please let me know.

Kathy Bergh