2013 Weekend on Whidbey

September 14th, 2013 by Dale Carrington in category: Event Galleries
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This is MY car! MINE, MINE, MINE! Now it stops, too! What's the prognosis Doc? The mist on the "Mountain" It's WHERE??? The gathering begins Made it to 13 Mets! The trophys are just about ready Barbie and Ken are ready to go Bob's Crosley  Hot Shot gets a lot of attention Morning conversation Beans and hot dogs Hot dogs and beans Heading out for Anacortes Mets in the morning mist Making breakfast Eating breakfast Valve Cover Beauty Contest Valve Cover Racing Scariest (Keith Mayfarth) Somethings missing! 1949 Whizzer motorbike - WOW! The Studebaker Club came to visit! Studes everywhere! Stude owners are GREAT folks! Jim Flowers just dropped by - VERY COOL! View from the top of the "Mountain" What a beautiful place Steaming the crabs for dinner - Jim's READY! All I could hear was shells cracking.... A bunch of Corn Huskers Lots of trophies ;^{)} Lots of trophies ;^{)} Trading orange rocks for goodies Slow? Drags Too slow Ah, Ah, Ahhhh, Awwwwwww! Lots of trophies ;^{)} This one is EARNED - Congratulations Keith! Thank you Becky for the wonderful photos!

Weekend on Whidbey – WHAT A WEEKEND! I added 3 days to it and it still went by in a flash! For a relaxing weekend there sure is a LOT going on. A few of us tried to get there a little early to help set everything up. Friday folks were arriving throughout the day and settling in. Friday evening started at the bonfire roasting hot dogs and marsmallows, eating bean dishes, chips and some of the best pie on this earth! Conversation was hot and heavy all evening.

Saturday morning broke with hot coffee, waffles, eggs any way you wanted them, hash browns and ham – and a general loosening of belts. Valve cover beauty contest and races followed with lots of cheering, picture snapping and tight competition.

While the majority of folks headed out to Anacortes on a cruise, a few of us stayed behind to work on Keith Mayfarth’s Met – Lucky we did as a 1949 Whizzer motorbike came putting into the yard. Bob’s neighbor Paul brought it over so we could see it and proudly answered all kinds of questions about it. Same age as me and in a lot better shape (the Whizzer, not Paul!).  A short time later the local Studebaker Club came to visit with 7 or 8 very nice Studes. We all got an eyeful of these fellow orphans and got to talk with some very knowledgeable folks. Maybe we can visit THEM during our next Can-AM?

Saturday dinner was DELICIOUS! Jan and Bob served up fresh all you can eat crab, Wayne fried up his famous breaded oysters, and there was corn on the cob, salad, deserts, so much food I know I’m forgetting some and followed by more belt loosening.

Another BIG breakfast Sunday morning and Slow Drags to help jiggle it all down. Sunday is the sad day of this weekend, everyone packing up and saying “See you next time.”

Trophy winners:

Valve Cover Beauty Contest:

Prettiest                                       Cathy Yarnell

Sexiest                                        Mike Jernigan

Cutest                                         Ingrid Wiltse

Scariest                                       Keith Mayfarth

Most Innovative (Ugliest)              Larry Wallace


Valve Cover Races:

1st Place                                      Mike Jernigan

2nd Place                                      Paul Gobat

3rd Place                                       Bobbie Jernigan


Slow Drags:

1st Place                                        Bob Black

2nd Place                                       Dan Paul

3rd Place                                        Mike Jernigan 
(it’s a good thing the Jernigans came up in the motorhome – they needed the extra power to carry all those trophies home!


Thank you Jan and Bob for another spectacular weekend ;^{)}