Omak Car Show and Swap Meet

May 12th, 2012 by Dale Carrington in category: Met Galleries
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Some GREAT cars at the show That Corvair tried to sneak in with the Mets Diamond T - WHOAH - NICE! Nice pickup. The Chevy wasn't bad either. MGA with a 215 Buick shoehorned in! All KINDS of cars enjoyed the sunshine Look at that GORGEOUS scenery Cathy and Paul's grandson Jared races his OWN valve cover racer now! And a fine racer it is, too! How come Cathy has to push start her racer? How come Bobbi has to wind her racer up? Fly and be FREE! No failure to Launch here! 1st and 2nd prizes in the Valve Cover Racing!

The Friendly OK Car Club show May 12th

While it may be a bit of a drive to get up to Omak – it is definitely a beautiful one. We went over three mountain passes, saw spots of snow at times, and had the windows down enjoying the warm sunshine as we meandered along the Columbia River.

Paul and Cathy Yarnell, besides being long time members of our club, are part of the Friendly OK Car Club that puts on the annual car show and swap meet. We met them for dinner at The Bread Line Restaurant in Omak Friday evening – amazing food, incredible decore. We didn’t keep them up late – vehicles start showing up early for the car show – they have 17 classes – Classics to super modified lawn mowers! And the swap meet offered all kinds of cool things — Jan Watson even spotted a Metropolitan part!

This show holds valve cover races in 4 categories, light and heavy, youngsters and oldsters. This year our Met club dominated the field, quickly picking off the local and Bellevue Classic Car Club competition. Mike Jernigan was aced by wife Bobbi, and Bobbi and I were the finalists, Bobbi taking a super close 2nd.

A really great show, really nice weather, wonderful people.