Fix A Met May 5th '12

May 5th, 2012 by Dale Carrington in category: Met Galleries
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The May 5th Fix A Met

What a beautiful day to get the Mets out and take care of some needed maintenance! 10 Mets came out for a little help and parts of a couple more were brought in for work.  18 folks were there to inspect, repair, or assist in any way possible. Mike Jernigan performed an inspection on each Met as it arrived to make sure the basics worked – lights, brakes, electric, and went over things with the owner that they were having troubles with or needed improvements on. This inspection drove the focus of our Fix A Met so we can help ensure we’re driving safer and more trouble free.

We did some oil changes and light tune-up work,  fixed some turn signal troubles, Rick Weller rebuilt his carburetor with a kit and some parts from my used parts bin, there were a lot of discussions on how to check wiring harnesses, how to do valve adjustments, causes of over-heating and vapor lock and what to do to mitigate those troubles.  I think we got a LOT done that day, and the donuts and pizza weren’t bad either!

Thank you so much to all who came down to help out. I saw a lot of smiling faces with all the learning and fixing that was going on.