The President's Message


 As we finish up our wonderful summer and head into Fall, we can usually expect fine weather.  The mornings are cooler, and the days become shorter, but Fall is usually one of the best times of year around here.  As we head out in our Met convertible, we turn up the heater, and layer more clothing on, until the time of the day when they are not needed.  Then we reverse it, heater off, clothes layers off. 

This time of year is great for cruising.  It can be local, a few hours away, or even farther if you plan enough ahead.  We like this cruising time, as the Fall colors and fresh air are exhilarating.  It is not uncommon for us to be the only Met at a show, even in summer, but this time of year many of our Met friends go into hiding.  Garage open, Met driven in. 

Whoa!  Get that Met back out.  There are many shows and gatherings that yearn for a Met to show up.  Each event we attend, we are probably the most photographed vehicle at the event.  Photo ops with children, teenagers, young adults, and people as 'old' as us.  The Met covers the whole age spectrum for enjoyment and conversations, including the continual stories of knowing where a Met is sitting in a field, or to having friends with one in their high school days.  I didn't know they made that many Mets. Certainly, there were many nicer vehicles at the show, but the "Cute" Met drew them in like fly paper.  Usually we are the smallest car at each show, but at a recent show gave that honor to an Austin Healey Sprite.  We looked large in comparison. 

So, don't garage the Met for the winter quite yet.  Get your Met back out in public view throughout this Fall season, it is still "Cruisin" time!

Jeff Rich

Posted : October 5th, 2019