The President's Message

*Seasons Greetings My Friends!

November is just a memory, and I am not quite sure where it went or what I did during the month, but I must have done something because it seems I was busy every day.  I may not recall what I did last month but I can tell you what I need to do this month, and that is remove and replace my transmission.  My transmission broke, sort of.  What happened was my speedometer up and quit on me last year as I was driving across southern Idaho.  One moment it was pointing at 70 and the next it was sitting at zero (when my speedo reads 70 I am actually going 63, which is my cruising speed). 

Once home I pulled the inner cable out and it was not broken (that would have been the easy fix), I pulled the speedometer head out of the dash and it worked when powered by a drill (thankfully), so I connected the speedometer cable back to the transmission but left it disconnected under the dash and went for a drive.  I reached under the dash and the inner cable was not turning (ratz!), so the gear in the tail shaft must have gone kaput.  Luckily, last September I went up to Sequim and pulled the transmission out of a ’62 that was being parted out, and it is now time to put that transmission in my car.  Step one is to drain my transmission oil, and that reminds me of a not-so-funny story. 

A few years ago I was planning to rebuild my front suspension and had all the parts on hand to do the job.  It was February, and we had a clear and dry day so off I went for a drive to nowhere in particular, just because.  When I returned home I pulled the Foster Child (the name of my Met) into the lower garage and slid under it and pulled the three drain plugs; engine, transmission, rear axle.  I then headed off on a 10-day ski trip to Idaho.  Upon my return I was anxious to get started on the suspension rebuild so down to the garage I scurried!  My plan was to remove each side as a unit and rebuild them on the bench, then put them back on the car as a unit.  I started with the passenger side. 

I was under the car on the creeper when I needed a different size socket, so I rolled out, grabbed the correct socket, then rolled back under.  Now I needed the ratchet that I just had in my hand.  I looked left, no ratchet, I looked right, no ratchet, checked my belly, no ratchet, it had to be underneath me.  I rolled over onto my left side and the right side of the creeper popped up into the air.  I scooted sideways a bit on two wheels and retrieved the ratchet from under the creeper, then flopped on my back which slammed the creeper back down onto the floor.

Unbeknownst to me, I had scooted the elevated side of the creeper over the pan that I had drained the transmission oil into two weeks earlier.  When the right side of the creeper slammed down it caught the edge of that drain pan and flipped the pan up and threw two quarts of cold, dirty, 30 wt oil right into the side of my head!  Aarrgghhh!!!

I had oil in my hair, oil in my eye (it burns), oil in my ear, oil running down my neck, and oil dripping off my nose.  My clean coveralls, this was the first time I had worn them since I washed them a few weeks earlier, now needed to be washed again.  To say I was less than happy is an understatement.

Using my one good eye, I closed up shop and went inside, grabbed the Dawn dishwashing liquid from under the kitchen sink and headed for the shower, shedding clothes along the way.  Dawn dishwashing liquid works great at cutting oil and grease but it does make a whole lot of bubbles in the tub, which is kind of fun.  The problem is you cannot rinse the suds off your legs.  You’re standing knee deep in bubbles, you point the shower stream at your legs, and all that does I make more bubbles.  It is really just a no-win situation, but I was clean.  And that was not the first time I had showered with Dawn dishwashing liquid either, but I am happy to say that I have never been in a situation where I had to shower with Go-Jo. 

Normally I would deny this ever happened, but there is a picture.  Sigh! 




I trust everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.  The holidays are not the same this year, did not have the family all together at Thanksgiving and will not have them all together for Christmas either.  This meant I had to make my own pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  My first time making a pumpkin pie, but the recipe on the side of the can looked easy enough so what could go wrong?  I made two pies and they came out of the oven lumpy.  Huh?  Lumpy pumpkin pies?  How could a pumpkin pie be lumpy?  I was confused, but as the pies cooled the lumps settled down and the tops smoothed out and they looked fine, and tasted wonderful!  Maybe they all come out of the oven lumpy then smooth out as they cool, I don’t know, but I will try again at Christmas and see what happens then.



With the end of the year approaching it is time to consider new officers.  Normally a committee would be appointed to seek nominations, usually at the club meetings, but not this year.  This year Jan Cozine has volunteered to take the nominations via email, text or phone call, at or 360-202-8965 through December 28th.  The current officers, with the exception of the Secretary, will serve for another year if necessary.  So, at a minimum we need one person to step forward and take the Secretary position, and we could leave everyone else to serve one more year.  Give it some thought and contact Jan by December 28th with your nominations.  And remember, you can nominate yourself.   


There was mis-communication back in October about the use of the Senior Center, not only about the day and time but about its availability for a face-to-face.  I should have followed up before moving the meeting to Saturday.  That was my bad.  Our meetings are moved back to Sunday for the foreseeable future, and I doubt we will be back in the Senior Center for the next 6 months.  Our next Zoom meeting is Sunday, December 6th at 1:00 PM.  For those of you in Indianapolis, that will be 4:00 PM your time. 

Also, at the next Zoom meeting I will have a co-host to help facilitate the meeting.  Running them alone I miss comments, miss people in the waiting room, miss hands raised, miss most everything except what I am doing.  And that doesn’t work well.  From now on I will have a co-host to watch for things that I may miss and help keep the meeting running smoothly.  For the December 6th meeting, the delightful and talented Nan Guthrie has offered to be my co-host.  I can hear the applause now!

Stay safe and healthy my friends and I hope to see you on my computer screen on December 6th.


Gary Roberts    360-701-1051 (cell)  -or-

Posted : December 9th, 2020