The President's Message

*The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:  I want you to know that I am humbled and honored to be elected your president, and I want to thank you all for putting your trust in me to occupy this very important position.  I would especially like to thank my campaign manager, but I don’t know who that was.  I would also like to thank the nominating committee, but I never spoke with them either.  So I guess I will just thank Mom and Dad for doing what they did so I could be here to one day become your president.   Thank you all, I promise to do my best. 

The Bad:  It is with a heavy heart that I inform you Paul Gobat passed away in early March.  I did not know Paul all that well, but the times I was around him he was always smiling and happy, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.  Given time I think he and I would have formed a really good friendship, if not a strong alliance, and it saddens me to know that will now never happen.  Please see below for a tribute to Paul.   

The Ugly:  The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted our daily lives and we should all be concerned not only for our health and safety but for our economic security as well.  This social distancing and self-isolation has been very hard for me, and much more disruptive than I ever imagined.  I am not going to preach, but I do ask that you remain vigilant and stay out of potentially ‘at risk’ situations.  With that said, the April 5th club meeting has been cancelled, along with everything else it seems, including my office. 

And now for something completely different…

I work for the state and mid-March the Governor ordered us to work from home.  Normally I like working from home but this time was just too much.  I have not been around people and my ‘social’ genes are not doing well with that.  I like people and I like to talk to people, but being home these past weeks … alone, isolated … I have had nobody to talk to, so I started talking to myself.  And that works quite well until me and myself disagree on something, then we argue, then we do the silent treatment, then I’m back to square 1.  Sigh!

I say this as a public service announcement because when this mess is over and we can safely venture out and about and be around people again, I am certain I will have a whole lot of pent up talking to get out.  So it may be in your best interest to give me a wide berth and not make eye contact for a while.   But if I do happen to get you cornered and start telling you how myself is an idiot with stupid ideas and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, just smile and nod and slowly back away. 

I pity the poor cashier at the grocery store. 

Since we won’t be gathering at the Senior Center on Sunday April 6th (which, by the way, is closed down until further notice) I suggest you spend some quality time in your garage, away from the general populace, and pamper your Metropolitan.  Change the oil if it needs it, air up the tires, put another coat of wax on the paint and the chrome, or maybe clean the inside of the windshield.  How does the inside of the windshield get so dirty?  And why is it so hard to get clean?  Its questions like this that keep me awake at night. 

I know my Metropolitan needs a bath and I know the whitewalls need scrubbed.  I know I need to look into why #2 spark plug is sooty black after I had the head rebuilt last year, and I know I need to clean the inside of my windshield too.  And during these uncertain times, when I feel a bit overwhelmed, I just jump in my Met and I take a drive to nowhere in particular.  Because even when dirty, even with a smudgy windshield and one sooty black spark plug, my Metropolitan always brings a smile to my face when I see it, and a big cheesy grin when I drive it.  My Metropolitan has become my safe place, my therapist, my confidant, and together we will weather this storm. 

We all have things to do to get our Mets ready for the upcoming driving season.  If you need help with something remember Fix-a-Met is just around the corner on May 2, so make a list and show up.  Dry and sunny days are coming and we want to be lookin’ good as we cruise down the road this summer, smilin’ and stylin’.  

Stay safe and stay healthy my friends, and hopefully I will see you at Fix-a-Met in May.  And don’t worry, I will understand if you seem to be avoiding me the first hour or two.

Gary Roberts



P.S.  I had cabin fever one day so decided to gas up all my rigs, you know, in case we got 6 or 7 feet of snow overnight.  As I was filling up the Camry I started talking to the fellow on the other side of the gas pump.  He just stared at me, sort of in a funny looking scared kind of way, and then I realized he was holding his breath.  I turned around and finished topping off my tank in silence, then scurried back home.

Posted : April 1st, 2020