The President's Message


Enthusiasm is building for the local car season.  More and more classic cars are being seen on the roads as the weather continues to get better.  Included are our Mets coming out into public view like new blossoms.  At the Fix-A-Met day at Dale Carrington’s,     20 Mets made a showing, some for repairs, but some just to get the winter dust off them.  There was food offered, so Met members will always show up for that. 

We all wait for this time of year, time to “hit the road”.  Some of us are ready, others not.  Spring got here before some of us were ready.  With the list of classic car events growing exponentially, there is always a place to show off the "cute" little Met.  Local shows, local eateries waiting to have a Met sitting out front, distant shows taking more time to get to than spending at the event. 

Of course,  the "Big One", the Met Internationals in Castle Rock, CO is just on the horizon, Jun 20-23.  What a great event it will be.  Nothing like seeing Colorado in one of  its best times of year.  The events and schedule look to be excellent.  Tours, road trips, including the famous Pikes Peak, all in the shadows of the amazing Rocky Mountains.  Are you going?  The event and the camaraderie of the Met owners is the important thing.  If your Met isn't up to making it this year, come without it.  Enjoy the moment being there with all of the other Met fans.  We are scheduled  to drive our Met to Castle Rock, stopping  to see our sons in various parts of Colorado, prior to arriving at the event.  We'll pick our way through the Western states, enjoying the scenery and visitations with others everywhere we stop.  We are not surprised anymore by the amount of people who have had a Met, or knew someone who had one,  each describing their fun experiences with their friends and family years ago when the Mets were "newer".  Pull into an empty gas station for a quick fill-up and ice cream bar, when out of nowhere the Met is surrounded by a crowd.  Most have history with the Met, but the younger generation are curious and excited, wanting to know what is.  They then take pictures to show to Mom and Dad or grandpa and grandma,  to see if they will remember it from times past.  You'll never get this type of experience and conversation while driving your SUV on the same route. Driving the Met is the conduit to many fun experiences and conversations.  GET ON THE ROAD TO SOMEWHERE,



Jeff Rich

Posted : May 30th, 2019