The President's Message


Jan and I just returned from a Christian mission trip to Russia, distributing Christmas stockings to children in orphanages.  We were in two main areas of Russia, St. Petersburg, and Ryasan, which is SE of Moscow.  It is hard  to explain the joy  experienced by  those children when they receive their stockings, filled with goodies and gifts, and  their own Russian children's Bible.  Happiness comes at all levels. 

Flying from Seattle is a long journey, several plane changes, long car trips.  The trips from the cities to the orphanages can be two to three hours, as most are situated in the countryside.  A lot of time to, ourselves, enjoy those moments with the children, (up to 16 years of age), but also time to notice the difference in living styles, there and in North America.

First, most of Russia's population is centered in the cities.  Apartments are the norm, 15 stories and up, 800 sq. ft and under, no single family homes until you hit the farm land.  So, no garages.  Everyone parks on the street, if they have a car.  Not many two car families, due to affordability and no place to park. Buses, trains, subways are in.  Any visible classic cars, like Mets--nope.

So, then you think about having a hobby like ours, classic cars of various makes and ages.  No way the average citizen could do that.  Hobbies would normally be small collectibles that would fit in the apartment stated above. Anything that would appear to be a classic vehicle, would show up on the farm as a  work machine.

I'm not condemning the way things are over there, that is the way they are.  Their lives go on from day to day in their normal way.  They are caring, loving, people, who are excited to visit with foreigners.  Add "Google translator" to that and you can communicate quite well. 

But, they do not experience the life we have, from a highly productive and successful economy, to individual freedoms we share daily. 


Take the time to think about all of the blessings and freedoms we have, our lifestyles, the ability to purchase many things beyond our basic necessities and the energy to enjoy each.  Which all means:   Get back to work on your MET!  Time has come to be prepared for the car season.  Brighten others lives by putting a Met in front of them to enjoy.  Experience the 'high fives' and photo ops of driving your Met down the byways.  It's almost FEBRUARY!

Jeff Rich

Posted : February 2nd, 2020