The President's Message

*Looking Forward to 2018

Happy holidays to all of you!

I hope all of you are recovering from the many feedings and goody gatherings that you've probably attended these last few days.

I do hope to see all of you at our Christmas party. It is always my favorite time of the year when we can all get together and enjoy the many fun stories and events of the past year.

I am looking forward to our next inter-national meeting in Colorado in 2019 as in one of the events at Pikes Peak road course has always been one of my life ambitions to drive up that big hill.

Yeah coming down maybe another event in itself as I thought I was going to be driving a different car but it looks like a 1957 metropolitan is going to do the event. So off to work I am in my backyard and here is a few pictures of this little car.

Warm regards,

Scott and Lilia

Posted : December 2nd, 2017