The President's Message


Although our Metropolitan experiences and friendships usually bring laughter and happiness, there are a few moments of sadness that creep in.  One of our favorite Met ladies, Irma Cave, passed away on 3/7/19 after a long battle with cancer.  She always brought a smile and a joyous personality to every moment and event, volunteering for everything, and cheering up everyone in her presence. 

A Met can be wrecked, and discarded with a few sad moments by the owner, but a new one can be found and will be a replacement in the near future.  But losing a dear friend, a part of our Met family, brings heartfelt sadness, and an emptiness that can't be replaced by a new member.  The special memories each of us have with her, we get to keep as individuals.  The special memories we have with her as club members, we get to continue to share with each other over time, laughing and enjoying them as if she was in the other room. 

Our Met experiences begin with our cars, but the lasting, joyous memories are tied to the people.   Although a sad time, we can  have some solace knowing that we were privileged to know Irma in our lifetimes.  Our deepest and heartfelt sympathies go out to her husband Jim and family. 

Jeff Rich

Posted : March 18th, 2019