The President's Message


Ever notice how the owners of Mets are a happy lot?  At any car display one attends, the Met owners are always cheerful, engaging, and interested in telling others about the history and specifics of the Metropolitan car.  Observing from a distance, the spectators who approach a Met also brighten with a smile when they get near. 

Memories of past times, the “cute” little car itself, or just the visibility of it sitting next to a “muscle car” induces a smile on their faces and attitude.  There are not too many classic cars that inspire this happy spirit.  This attitude is gender neutral, as both male and female observers continue to use the comment “CUTE!” 

Serious car nuts we’re not.  Fun loving is more descriptive.  We bring joy to the classic car game!  But, some of us do not have our Mets ready to go for this season.  They are still in  the garage with specific repairs to be completed.  If you are one of those who are not ready to "brighten" the car scene, it is time to get out of the easy chair, put down the popcorn bowl, and get busy.  It is time  to be spreading joy to your community and others beyond.  It’s time to get those METS out into the public eye! 


Jeff Rich 

Posted : April 26th, 2018