The President's Message


It’s time! 

Roll up the windows and put the top up   For those of us with a working Met heater, we are blessed.  Granted, the cubic air space in a Met is small, but the output of the Met heater is outstanding.  The temperature in the Met can be controlled to life sustaining levels, especially for my wife who has a very narrow temperature "comfort level". 

Most often, if it is not raining, we usually have the top down, but with the heater set to the “ON” mode. 

We look the part of convertible adventurers, but that Met heater is keeping us comfy as we travel.  If light rains come on our journey, we increase the Met speed to make sure all droplets are aerodynamically flowing over us.  As aerodynamic as the Met is, speed is our only ally.  Driving to several shows, we made it without getting the interior, or us, wet, just as if we had been in the sun all the way.  

The little Met heater kept us warm and toasty the whole time.  Are you planning on getting the Met out during this fall time?  There are still some community shows and parades that are available.  Is you Met heater working?  Wipers?  

Winterizing usually means getting ready to not use your car, putting it away and/or getting it ready for next year.  However, it should mean getting it ready to use in comfort, even in the cooler months ahead.  Enjoy your Met outings, especially as the weather is COOLING OFF.

 Jeff Rich 

Posted : October 22nd, 2018