The President's Message


Boy, it is hard to believe that Spring is coming.  Here in the Northwest we have just experienced one of the largest snowfalls in recent memory, and had sub-freezing temperatures to go with it.  Out here, we are not used to those types of winter elements.  

People don't know how to drive in it.  Road clearing equipment is minimal.  Geography is hills, and more hills.  Add to that, we are snow wimps!  The community shut down, no one went anywhere.

But, there should be an upside to that, more time in the garage doing Met maintenance preparing for Spring. 

True, probably in most areas that have snow on a regular basis, but here even getting to the garage was an effort most didn't participate in.  Another reason Met winter projects didn't get accomplished.  We have plenty of other reasons, but this was a new one for us.

Considering the upcoming Met year's events, topped off by the Metropolitan International in Castle Rock, CO June 20-23, some of us need to get moving on making our Met ready to show.  Parts need to be ordered, installed and tested.  Larger modifications need to be scheduled with the craftsmen who are needed to accomplish those tasks. Believe me, Spring will be here sooner than later.

As we look at this new Met year, our focus is to get the Met out in view of the public, meeting and sharing our experiences with them.  Many local opportunities exist that satisfy that need.  Fairs, local car shows, large car shows, driving to the local burger joints on an evening outing, etc.  As experienced this last weekend at a local swap meet, our Met displays were the hit of the indoor show.  Conversations and tire kicking were full time around the Mets.  The Met 'magnet'.  Everyone knows someone who owned one, or had one themselves in years past. 

Will you have your Met ready to show it off and spend time with the other Met lovers?  Is it running well, polished up, and gassed up for road journeys?  Will you be making the journey to Colorado, enjoying the confluence of Mets from around the US?  Acceptable answer for above questions--YES!

 As we begin our 2019 Met year I would like to thank Pam Bowe, Vice President, for her excellent leadership and help throughout the last two years.  With her term(s) now over, she is being replaced by Gary Roberts for this coming year.

Jeff Rich

Posted : February 19th, 2019