The President's Message


We just returned from a Mini Cooper Rally, called 'Mini Takes the States'.  It is a bi-annual event where Mini's tour the USA rendezvousing in a common location.  We were on the Western tour, starting in Portland, OR,  then  to California, Arizona, New Mexico, and finishing in Keystone, CO, at the ski resort there.  At the same time, another Mini tour group started in Orlando, FL and made their way across  the USA to Keystone, all joining together in one parking lot---1200 Mini's in one spot.  Certainly, Mini's of today are different than a Met of yesteryear, but there are some fun comparisons. 

First, the length of the Mini convertible and coupe are similar to the Met, the Met being narrower.  Each usually has a manual transmission, the Met with a 3 speed, the Mini with a 6 speed.  Both have similar size engines, Met 1500cc, Mini 1568cc, but horsepower is a little different, Met 55hp, Mini 181hp.  That leads to some interesting observations.  Speed limit signs indicate to the Met driver a high target to aim for, accomplish and maintain.  A goal.  For  the Mini driver it is the slowest speed to attain, while normal speed would be 10mph +++ for driving.  Both cars accelerate well, the Met while going downhill, the Mini downhill and uphill. 

Each Met and Mini is given a moniker by their owners, kind of a cult thing.  Both are attention getters on the road, the Mets with their classic "cute" style and bright paint, the Mini with all of the body graphics the owners attach.  But the real common trait that both vehicles have are the owners.  The Met and the Mini are the conduit for people, from various lifestyles, who have a common love for automobiles.  They go to events and tours to see the vehicles, for sure, but more importantly they go to visit and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow car enthusiasts.  Seeing old friends, meeting new ones, establishing friendships, having a beer/wine together, is why they are there.  The vehicle is the bond that brings them together, the friendships are why they are getting together. 

So, are you signed up for the events coming up, to enjoy your friends and make new ones?  On the schedule are:  Can-Am in Port Townsend  August 17-19,  Weekend on Whidbey  September 7-9, and the International Metropolitan Meet in the Denver area June 20-23, 2019?  You don't need to bring a Met to these events to participate.   Drive a brand X and join everyone there for a fun time! 

Jeff Rich

Posted : July 31st, 2018