PNMOC ... The Pacific Northwest Metropolitan Owners Club

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Our club was established to bring together individuals and families who have a passion for the classic Metropolitan automobile. We are a chapter of the national Metropolitan club: Metropolitan Owners Club of North America (MOCNA). MOCNA is an international club of Metropolitan owners, supporters, and collector car enthusiasts.

The Metropolitan was designed and created more than 50 years ago, bringing a new, small American car into the USA marketplace. Unlike other American cars of the time, it brought a different philosophy into place—small, compact, fuel efficient. Not overwhelmingly accepted during its time in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, it has become a favorite vehicle for present day fans, including collectors and restorers. The moniker it carries with it is “Cute”. Typically, it is enjoyed being used as it was designed and restored to original specifications. Certainly, some owners have modified their cars to improve power, safety, and added a multitude of colors to the exterior. Even with these changes the distinctive look of the Met is undeniable.

Spectators always bring stories related to ownership, family or friend. “My aunt had one of these”; “My friend had one of these and we used to pile as many of our buddies into it as we could”; etc, etc. Not many stories refer to drag racing the Met.

Are you a MET fan? Take a look at this great Web site designed by one of our own club members, Pam Bowe. It will show you why our club is a favorite to join. We have knowledgeable members who are willing to help you in keeping your Met running, getting it running, or making modifications. Our monthly member’s newsletter, in color, includes information on all club activities, past and present; vehicles and parts for sale; national Met data and events, repair articles; and member’s experience articles. Included in our membership is the Parts Compendium, a booklet that gives modern day parts cross referencing to original parts, so you can go to the local parts store and get the right part.

Don’t have a Met? We have many members who don’t, but are looking for one, or have had one in the past. Our club is their connection to future ownership, or past memories.

Don’t live in our area? Members have joined our club from many US states and Canada that enjoy the information and knowledge we provide to our members that is usable wherever one lives.

Thanks for your interest in the “Met”.

Posted : March 29th, 2013